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Menu Item Type: Pasta
Gnocchi - Potatoes or greens

Gnocchi - Potatoes or greens - With Parisienne sauce (ham, mushrooms, chicken)


The third century. C., a low relief etrusco describes pulping. According to legend, the pastas were introduced in Italy by Marco Polo after his stay in China. The Arabs settled in Sicily popularized the pasta and it was they who discovered the practical method of drying and so leave solved the problem of conservation. The revolution of the paste comes in the sixteenth century, with the advent of European cooking tomato. I acknowledge that the Italians who have seduced the Mediterranean peoples with pasta. Pasta is one of the elaborations that we have in most grateful cuisine, offers the possibility of combining many ingredients, from the point of cooking, the flavored accompaniment, reasoning, sauce and sprinkled with cheese, unbeatable