Antigua Tasca de Cuchilleros

Carlos Calvo 319 - Buenos Aires - San Telmo - Argentina

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Welcome to Antigua Tasca de Cuchilleros

Located in the historical hull of the Ciudad Autónoma of Buenos Aires, in San Telmo's neighborhood, it is a typical grill restaurant installed in the most ancient house of the city (18th century). The image given by the stamp of the new cuisine and for the maximum quality of the products that are used for the accomplishment of the dishes that the menu offers, gives an unforgettable experience to the most demanding retainers.

  • Our Menu

    Special Sirloin Steak

    'La Tasca' Food

    The specialties are meats and grilled offal, coal and wood grilled red quebracho. This allows slow cooking, making all the cuts more tender and with a very special flavor. The "Classics La Tasca" are dishes to share ribeye, "pizzaiola" tenderloin or pork with sherry. Among the desserts, may try the rum flambéed pancakes apple or chocolate mousse or caramel. The wine list is varied and very reasonable prices.

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  • Social Events

    Bar Salon

    'La Tasca' Social Events

    From Monday to Friday lunches and dinners private with previous reservation to group of more than 20 persons. We offer integral solutions for the accomplishment of social events, offering a complete advice in the organization of the same ones. Our Salons and Colonial Patio integrated will allow you to enjoy the magic and unique place in the city of Buenos Aires a quality and service of the first level.

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  • Special Promos

    Upcoming Special Promos

    'La Tasca' Special Promos

    Lunches or dinners that have an exclusive menu with a promotional discount. They are reserved and paid from this website with a credit card and also in dues through MercadoPago. Menus, prices, discounts and how to book by clicking on the link below.

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  • History

    Colonial Patio - Entrance

    'La Tasca' Review

    This house was built before the "Virreinato del Río de la Plata" it was witness of the parties of proclamation of King Fernando VI (1747) and King Carlos III (1760), the English Invasions (1806/1807-TUNNEL), the Revolution of May (1810), the Independence (1816), the anarchy of the years 20, the period "rosista" and the "mazorca" (1830-1853), the organization of the Nation (from 1853) among many other events.

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  • Gallery

    Postcard souvenir - La Tasca

    'La Tasca' in pictures

    You may see our menu pictures also the tables with porcelain set of dishes, glassware and salons ready for social and special events. There are pictures of the house in the begining of twentieth century and today and the Well Archaeological. Also the Colonial Patio and all Solons (Antique-Gallery-Bar). It is very interesting to see the group photo of the recovery showing the state in which it was and as it is now once recovered.

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  • Schedule


    Schedule and Parking

    » Lunches Saturday and Sunday:
    • From 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm
    » Dinners Friday and Saturday :
    » Payment :
    • We accept cash
    • US Dolars, Euro and
    • Principal Credit Cards
    » Parking :
    • Only on line
    • 1 hour without charge
    • Not to PROMOS

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