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Here you will find the questions our customers frequently make. From cooking the steak to how you can reserve a table or to request a quote for an social event.

If you find here is not an answer to your question, it can do it in the contact form and we will respond within the shortest possible time.

What are Special Promos?

Lunches or dinners that have an exclusive menu with a promotional discount. They are reserved and paid from this website with a credit card and also in dues through MercadoPago

How do I reserve a dinner for two at a Special Promos?

Clicking on the image shown on several pages of the website will be taken to a page where you can make reservations.

Have I the discount only by internet ?

Yes, only reserving from the website.

How long does cooking a Grill?

In 'La Tasca' there are several kinds of grills. The 'Classic' that takes 20 minutes and 'La Tasca' which takes 30 minutes. All grills are placed on the grid at the time the client requests it

How long does cooking a special sirloin ​​steak?

Cooking a special sirloin steak depends on two factors 1) its weight and 2) cooking point. The special steak 'La Tasca' weighs 350 grams and cooking juicy point takes about 25 minutes.

Are there dishes to share between two people?

Yes. On the menu are identified as "2 persons". For example Tenderloin steak 'alla Pizzaiola': Tenderloin medallion topped w/cheese, bell-peppers, cherry tomatoes, and black olives, served with potato balls (2 persons)

How do I book a table?

You can book from the form 'Reservation'. Also send an email to from the bottom of any page.

Have the website the full menu?

No. The menu 'La Tasca' has more dishes. On the website are the main and most required

Is there a place for smokers?

Yes. You can smoke on the patio Colonial

May pastas be ordered with any sauce on the menu?

Yes. The pasta can be ordered with any sauce. The website provides the best combination.

May I eat any kind of seafood?

No. Currently there is no menu with seafood dishes.